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How to Enjoy Exercise and Activity

To enjoy exercise and activity is one of the things I’m most proud of in my role of supporting people to achieve their health and fitness goals. I strive to ensure that for me and my clients, exercise and activity doesn’t feel like a chore. 

This doesn’t mean my programmes aren’t hard work. Of course, to achieve anything, you must first be prepared to put some effort in. It simply means that there are so many positive and fun variables that can be introduced into any programme. 

Exercise doesn’t even need to be about sprints, squats and press ups. In fact, any type of physical activity is exercise. This includes:

  • walking
  • swimming
  • cycling
  • trampolining 
  • team sports
  • even gardening!

That may sound surprising but believe me, you will stick to your exercise programme if you include things you enjoy doing. 

Try a Park Run

Go along to an organised 5k run and experience ‘The Joy Of Perspiration’. You choose whether to walk, jog or run for a Personal Best time; the atmosphere around you ensures you’ll be enjoying the event. The best known organised 5k evens are Park Runs. At the time of writing, they’ve organised over 155,000 events at 631 locations, with an average 200 participants at each. It started in the UK and is a global phenomenon now. The best thing is that they cater to ALL abilities.

If you don’t want to launch straight into a 5 kilometre run, try out your first month free  with Fitly4Mums in the privacy of your own home. Go at your own pace and see how enjoyable it can be.

Have a think about the activities you used to enjoy the most and see if they can fit right back in to your weekly schedule. Then you’re on the road to learning how to enjoy exercise and activity on a regular basis.

Lose weight, re-engage your core and get fit with safe, post-natal exercise classes at home. Fitly4Mums: online, live-streamed and recorded fitness classes, motivation and support via any internet-connected device.

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