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Another Exercise Site?

Another exercise and fitness site? Why Fitly4Mums is needed

If you performed a simple search on google for home exercise content, it would deliver thousands of free and paid workout content available to you at the click of a button.

Why am I telling you this? Because it is a fact. Especially as a result of lockdown, there has never been a better time for fitness professionals and hobbyists to get in front of a camera and show us how to exercise.

This includes specific exercise content, which even us mums can use to support our exercise goals post birth.

But despite all of the content available, and all the fitness professionals offering the guidance, there is something missing……

Community, accountability and progress.

At Fitly4Mums, they too deliver specific exercise content but they are so much more than just a workout.

The saying together stronger is more appropriate here than ever. when you join the Fitly4Mums programme, you join a like minded community of mums, sharing an exercise journey together. Having a relatable network is a powerful motivating factor which you will only appreciate once you are part of it.

Another motivating aspect of the Fitly4Mums programme is that our trainer Matt delivers the workouts live, creating a real sense of live community as I workout and engage with other mums at the same time.

As for accountability, this definitely is not a programme where you are told what to do and simply have to go and get on with it. We are supported on a daily basis by Matt not only with his workouts but with motivational checking-in to make sure we are on track and progressing.

Now as for progress, the workouts naturally feel progressive the more I do them anyway. As I get fitter and stronger, I can perform my exercises better. Matt keeps track of our progress in a subtle way. I don’t have to send in those dreaded full body in pants photographs for ‘progression’ stats. Progression is measured on specific performed exercises such as how many squats can you do in a specified time or by a frame of mind questionnaire. It’s great to see the feedback from these to see just how far I’ve progressed.

Give Fitly4Mums a try to discover a community of mums achieving fitness results in a fun and friendly online environment.

Lose weight, re-engage your core and get fit with safe, post-natal exercise classes at home. Fitly4Mums: online, live-streamed and recorded fitness classes, motivation and support via any internet-connected device.

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