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8 Tips for Exercising at Home

Many of us have suddenly found ourselves in the position of doing more or even all of our office-based work from home. While this offers some benefits in areas such as not having the cost of a commuting and being able to dress down to a degree, it also means that it’s very easy to get out of your good exercise routine.

People are also realising the vital importance of keeping themselves fit and healthy, even if you can’t easily get to the gym or just don’t seem to be able to find the time. It’s also important to recognise the benefits of exercise in reducing stress, improving your sleep and in helping to keep depression at bay, as well as improving stamina and simply feeling better about yourself.

So what are my top eight tips for maintaining fitness and exercising when working from home?

1. Make time for exercise

Whether you choose a regular time during the day (and exercising while working from home makes this easier) or prefer to switch off from work in the evenings, having a regular schedule for exercise means that you’re more likely to stick to your planned schedule.

2. Break your exercise regime into smaller chunks of time

One trick to make exercise easier to accomplish is to break it into shorter elements, such as two half hour sessions per day rather than a single one-hour burst.

3. Use exercise as a way of clearing your mind

Without the option for productive face-to-face dialogue with your colleagues, taking a break for exercise while working from home is a great way to clear the mind and regain focus on the tasks in hand.

4. Ensure you have good posture when sitting at your desk

OK, so this isn’t exactly exercise, but don’t undo the good work you’re doing elsewhere by slumping over your computer keyboard and perhaps even consider working while standing up.

5. Stay hydrated and eat healthily

Working from home gives you the option to plan your diet without the temptations of the High Street, so you can choose to eat healthily and stay properly hydrated, both of which support your exercise objectives.

6. Aim to do a little more each week

Make the most of an extended period of exercising while working at home by pushing yourself to do a little more every week. Over a ten or twelve week period this really pays dividends in your levels of fitness and stamina.

7. Vary the focus of your exercise to benefit all of your body

Make sure you engage in a sufficiently wide range of exercises to ensure that you’re engaging all the core areas of your body. A professionally-designed exercise programme is ideal for this and will ensure that over time your whole body is benefiting from your efforts.

8. Be an inspiration to others

Finally, seeing you exercise while working from home is a great incentive for others to join in. This includes partners, children, and even grandparents. Exercising at the appropriate level is good for everyone that has the ability to participate.

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